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Some Background.

The first Wanaque Chamber of Commerce was formed sometime during the early 1950's. The Wanaque Chamber of Commerce was revitalized this past time in 1984. The meeting was held at Partner's Restaurant. The exact number that attended the initial meeting is unclear but was definitely less that a dozen.

The original registration needed to be reinstated. Through the direction and efforts of Bess Doty (Parliamentarian) the process was completed. It has been stated that the Wanaque Chamber of Commerce grew in members due to concerns, such as, "where the town was headed."

The membership grew because of the interest shown by new businesses that came to the Borough and membership grew out of plain curiosity as to what the Chamber of Commerce was going to accomplish.

The Wanaque Chamber has continued on since. There were serious concerns within the business community in 1984. One of the major issues, if not the most important, was the "ramp exit 55" for Interstate 287 and at what location is should be. Seems it was resolved?

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